“I think trees are really pretty.” -Chris


“I like Aladdin because he’s nice to Jasmine.” -Chris

Laptop Detective

“I like how the detective gets the computer back to its original owner. It’s a happy ending.” -David

All Full Security

“I like how I maximized security by using a cable lock.” -David

Gorgeous Friendship Hearts

“My favorite thing about this masterpiece is so many colors and hearts.” -Allie

Meeting with Congress and SOPA at the White House

“It melted their servers with a strong voice.” -David

Number Management

“This masterpiece is about caring about numbers.” -Ashley

Out of Memory

“When the computer runs low on its memory, it will slow down.” -David

Twisted Circles

“The circles are awesome so it makes you dizzy.” -David

Tour of the Rainforest

“That’s the rain forest of wild plants and it grows with water.” -David


“This one is cool because of all the pretty colors.” -Chris


“My favorite thing about hearts is that they’re so loving.” -Allie


“You see those round things? They look like donuts. I like that.” -Allie

I Love You

“I was thinking about my mom when I made this piece.” -Allie

Access Denied

“This computer is fully secured with a bios password that locks the whole laptop down so that no one gets to it!” -David