AutismOklahoma’s program, Piece of Mind, will grant life-saving safety equipment to families with one or more children on the autism spectrum whose safety is at risk. Through an application process, qualifying families may receive a GPS tracking system. Initial gifts of tracking systems from K8e Bands. AutismOklahoma grants will allow for pool alarms, locks and other safety items.

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Oklahoma is no stranger to stories with tragic endings when children with autism wander. A child from Duncan wandered off and was found deceased in a creek after heroic searches. A group of parents and providers approached AutismOklahoma after this incident and started the conversation that created Piece of Mind.

If you would like your family to be considered for a grant for safety equipment, please complete and submit the application. Please NOTE this grant is for safety equipment only it is NOT for services.

There are two deadline dates for 2024

March 31st and September 30th.

The National Autism Society reports the following:

  • Nearly half of children with autism engage in wandering behavior and the risks increase with the severity of the autism
  • More than one third of children with autism who wander/elope are never or rarely able to communicate their name, address, or phone number
  • Accidental drowning accounts for 71% of lethal outcomes, followed by traffic injuries at 18%, with other dangers include dehydration; heat stroke; hypothermia; falls; physical restraint; encounters with strangers


If you would like your family to be considered for a grant, please complete and submit the application.

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Support for Drivers with Autism

Here are some tools for drivers who have autism that can be put in the visor or wallet. These tools provide a law officer with information about how a driver or passenger who has autism might react. Project Safe Stop is a program co-hosted by the Autism Foundation of Oklahoma and Piece Of Mind a program of 

You can download these tools for safety and piece of mind.

Wallet Card
Visor-Dashboard Card Passenger
Visor-Dashboard Card Driver