AutismOklahoma had grassroots beginnings in 2002 when families began meeting together to help problem solve family challenges.

Our BIG DREAM is quality of life, for life, for every individual in Oklahoma who has autism. We create opportunities and engage families to help their own family and a few more. Our programs are FREE or NEARLY FREE and are funded by donations. 95 cents of every dollar donated is used to fund programs in Oklahoma.

AutismOklahoma is a non-profit organization that believes that every person with autism is unique and important. Our organization helps individuals with autism reach their full potential, helps families thrive, and help communities understand and embrace differences.

Our Mission
Our Vision
Core Values
Quality of Life
Outcome Measures

Our Mission

Through a holistic approach, we create opportunities for families, children, teens and adults to have more happiness, joy and a higher quality of life, for life.

Investing together to grow, learn, and serve the families of Oklahoma affected by autism

Our Vision

We bring hope and empowerment as we help Oklahoma become more autism-friendly and aware!

Our Core Values

  • Every person with autism and has something to offer our community.
  • By creating interest based connections, individuals with autism are able to reach their potential.
  • We are families helping families and every family has a unique story and journey.
  • We are seizing the opportunities to reach our communities and our state with a positive autism awareness message.
  • Every person with autism is unique and has something amazing to offer our community and society.
  • By creating interest based connections, individuals with autism are able to shine and reach their potential.
  • In order to better serve our children and other families, we must become engaged family participants rather than bystanders.  Government or education systems cannot and will not “fix” our children or families but we can increase opportunities, joy, and outcomes by helping each other.
  • We are families helping families! AO will build a structure to support engaged parents and families through their journey. This is our best chance of helping 1 in 54 children who have autism.
  • We will develop and invest in parent leaders who are engaged and participating to support our cause and the programs of AO.
  • All our groups will provide a safe place to share experiences and challenges with other families who can relate and support each other.  “Safe place” means that we are grounded in grace and kindness toward everyone.
  • We will not judge others and we will not criticize approaches that work for families.
  • Creativity is essential to reaching individuals with autism and we are all changed by providing a platform that encourages creativity and expression.
  • We will encourage parent leaders to develop innovative ideas that have a big impact on individuals and families affected by autism.  We have grown by seizing opportunities to make something big happen!
  • We are committed to bringing out the best in others and will always have hope.
  • We will seize the opportunities to reach our communities and our state with a positive autism awareness message.
  • We will look for and invest in programs that have a big impact on individuals with autism and their families.

Quality of Life

AutismOklahoma was founded by parents in Oklahoma to improve quality of life and create opportunities for our loved ones with autism. We strive to encourage parents, providers and the community to think about how they might also create a unique opportunity for someone with autism. That’s our secret for Quality of life, for life!

Our organization is dependent upon private donations from individuals and corporations. In fact, these donations account for 90% of our annual funding. Our dream is to create a substantial and positive impact for families affected by autism in the state of Oklahoma. We want to bring hope, empower our kids, and help Oklahoma become more autism-friendly and aware! We want every person and family affected by autism to have the opportunity to reach their potential and do great things!

We measure our impact on Quality of Life.


  • Help individuals to discover and recognize their talents
  • Individuals will be encouraged to expand their personal engagement path
  • Individuals will be engaged and empowered for personal growth


  • Families are proud, show pride for their family members
  • Families are optimistic about their future
  • Families show confidence in problem solving
  • Families show peace of mind
  • Families try new things
  • Families have hope


  • Help communities understand, embrace differences, and become part of the solution

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