Our big dream is quality of life, for life, for every individual in Oklahoma on the autism spectrum. 

AutismOklahoma had grassroots beginnings in 2002 when families began meeting together to help problem solve family challenges.

We create opportunities and engage families to help their own family and a few more. Our programs are FREE or NEARLY FREE and are funded by donations. 95 cents of every dollar donated is used to fund programs in Oklahoma.

AutismOklahoma is a non-profit organization that believes that every person with autism is unique and important. Our organization helps individuals with autism reach their full potential, helps families thrive, and help communities understand and embrace differences.

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Investing together to grow, learn, and serve the families of Oklahoma impacted by autism.

Creating opportunities for those on the autism spectrum to find community connections and live meaningful, joyful lives. 


Serve children, teens, adults, and families by: 

  • Providing safe and supportive connection opportunities
  • Developing unique interest-based experiences
  • Creating community collaborations that value differences
  • Raising funds to keep our programs free or nearly free


With 1 in 36 children are diagnosed with autism, and their needs are vast and increasing every year.

Meaningful connections with others and quality of life are our goals for all individuals with autism.

AutismOklahoma was founded by Oklahoma parents to improve quality of life and create opportunities for our loved ones with autism. We strive to encourage parents, providers, and the community to think about how they might also create a unique opportunity for someone with autism. That’s our secret for Quality of life, for life!


AutismOklahoma is not a part of a national organization.

But we partner with other entities and experts to increase our portfolio of opportunities.  We are predominantly funded by private donations.  All of our programs are free or nearly free to 4,500 participants and their famlies each year so that everyone can be a part.


Dignity and Respect: We believe in the worth of each person and honor individual preferences with kindness, respect, and fairness. We see and listen. We create safe supportive interest-based opportunities for individuals, families, and communities.

Belonging: We strive to create environments and a culture of belonging that welcome, value, and highlight individuals on the autism spectrum and their loved ones.

Community: We invest in human connections and value supportive communities that provide companionship, opportunity, hope, laughter, and love.

Creativity and Innovation: We value the nurturing of original ideas, being creative in finding solutions, and practicing flexibility.



  • Help individuals to discover and recognize their talents
  • Individuals will be encouraged to expand their personal engagement path
  • Individuals will be engaged and empowered for personal growth


  • Families are proud, show pride for their family members
  • Families are optimistic about their future
  • Families show confidence in problem solving
  • Families show peace of mind
  • Families try new things
  • Families have hope


  • Help communities understand, embrace differences, and become part of the solution

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