Short-term camps and opportunities are great ways to “spark communication and socializing”

Short term camps are great ways for individuals with autism to explore an interest and try something new. AutismOklahoma provides all kinds of short term camps. If you have an idea for helping your own child and a few others, let us know. We will help you.

Providers and professionals are great resources for short-term camps.  If your child’s therapy team has an idea, bandwidth and heart to make a few kids or adults smile, let us know, we can help, but we have to provide these opportunities together!

Every year we add camp experiences, but since every person is different, there is always new exciting ideas and opportunities that can be explored. If you are interested in your child participating in a unique camp or activity, you can help!

Get to know other families and make connections to explore new opportunities! Here are ways to get involved.

  • Participate in a Connection Circle, you might meet someone who has similar interests to your child
  • Get to know other families through the PieceWalk or attend a great family night activity and introduce yourself
  • Volunteer for a summer camp team or to lead a group.  When you help someone else, you will also help your own family!
  • Ask your child’s therapy provider if they can be involved in a new experience for your child! We can help with website support, space, volunteers and planning!
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It just takes 3-6 people to create a great activity and we are here to provide guidance and support.

With the help of parents and providers, AutismOklahoma has provided the following camp experiences:

  • Camp Noggin
  • Star Wars Camp
  • Dr. Who Camp
  • Lego Camp
  • Girls with Voices Swim Camp
  • Animal Art
  • Anime Art
  • And More…..
Autism, Resources, Parents, Oklahoma