We create connections for families

Connections promote resource sharing, problem solving and produce outcomes of hope and optimism about the future.  Families can find each other through community-based FaceBook groups, or by attending Canadian Valley or Tulsa in-person groups.

Families can also try new things through safe and supportive free family events.

Since safety is a big issue for many families, our life-saving safety programs help families protect their loved ones for peace of mind.

Connection Circles

Connection Circles across the state help families find local resources and support.


Providing Family Fun Events

Oiler’s Night, Dodgers, Drillers, Energy FC, Bowling, Dash into Christmas, Pelican Bay, Mustang Swim

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Piece of Mind – Keeping Family Members Safe

Keeping family members safe is essential for Piece Of Mind. Learning to Swim, GPS, Home safety

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Our Families Say it Best

“The Connection Circle is where my kids can socialize with others who have Autism and be themselves.”

Delyn Richardson, Connection Circles

Through the Piece of Mind program Autism Oklahoma was able to provide funds, labor and secure a discount from Forest Lumber to help build a fence to keep Justin safe. Many kids on the spectrum are a wandering risk, but one by one we are all working to help keep them safe.

Piece of Mind

What a magical time we have with Dash into Christmas events!

Dash Into Christmas!