We help people with autism connect through their passions and reach potentials. 

We believe in the power of INTERESTS!

Film Programs

Invisible Layers Productions is our name for the film program at AutismOklahoma.  Invisible Layers received it’s name from one of our friends who commented about food. “I don’t like food that is mixed–like soup. It has ‘invisible layers’.” Invisible Layers is designed to provide mentoring and experience for young adults who want to pursue a career or livelihood in video production and/or film.

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Art Programs

Art provides an alternative way to express and communicate to others. Some of our most important art programs include; Swanky Art Camp, Bee’s Knees, and Inspire U!

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Social Groups

Some of our statewide Connection Circles offer social groups for kids, teens, and young adults. Social clubs are great ways to get involved in a safe place. Check out our social groups associated with; AutismEdmond, AutismCanadianValley, AutismNorman, and AutismTulsa. Please refer to the program pages for more information and rules for joining.

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Virtual Programs

Virtual programs…

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Our camps have included “Little Swanky”,  for children from 3-9 years old,  Camp Noggin for children 8-12 years old,  and Swanky for young adults interested in art. Additional interest camps are designed throughout the year based on volunteer leadership availability.

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Animal Programs

Fuzzy is the animal program of AutismOklahoma with the goal of positive animal exposure experiences for children, youth and young adults with autism. Upcoming animal programs are based on volunteer leadership and funding availability.

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Our Participants Say it Best

“Being a member of Invisible Layers has helped me become more social and confident. My communication skills are exponentially stronger. I feel more confident now than I did back in the spring of 2016.”

Connor Ferguson , Invisible Layers

“Camp Noggin has really meant something to me. Mrs. Trina took me in and let me bring out myself and just show myself to the world. That means a lot to me.”

Participant, Camp Noggin