Why Give?

Because the need is For Life

  • 1 in 44 are diagnosed with autism
  • 40% are non-speaking 
  • Two out of three autistic children are bullied
  • 28% have self-injurious behaviors
  • Families are often excluded from activities due to challenging behaviors and lack of understanding
  • 50% of 25 year olds have not worked, despite having the skills to do so
  • 50-75% of autistic adults are unemployed or underemployed
  • Suicide is a leading cause of premature death for autistic individuals
  • Autistics are 6X more likely to attempt death by suicide and 7X more likely to die by suicide than their neurotypical peers

We have spent 21 years providing free and nearly free programs and impacting these statistics!

We help individuals and families…

Connect to Life

Belong to Life

Fulfill their Life

See the Impact

Your monthly or one-time donation will be used to:

  • Facilitate friendships

  • Share interests
  • Explore careers

  • Engage with teams

  • Support dreams

  • Create futures

If you know someone with autism, or your family is benefiting from our free or nearly free programs, this is a great way to pay it forward for just $10 a month.

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How Your Gift Will Change Lives

$60 helps a family participate in a Connection Circle or safe Free Family event each year.

$120 funds activities for a family friendship to keep them from feeling isolated

$180 provides a safe friendship group for a person with autism

$500 funds three months of activities for a small group of friends

$1,000 pays for three months of activities for an interest group

$1,500 underwrites an activity for a 30 person group of teens or adults with autism

$2,500 sponsors a one week art camp with a professional artist

$5,000 supports an eight week mentoring program for six persons who want to pursue employment in the field of tech or digital media storytelling

$10,000 allows us to make a life-changing difference for 10 persons who need a way to engage and connect with others besides their immediate family

Will you make a gift to honor and support the 1 in 36 Oklahoma children on the autism spectrum?

I Want To Give A Gift To Honor Someone Special

Would you like to give in honor or memory of someone special?  

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Your commitment makes a real impact when you give MONTHLY. You can give for 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months.  (Each month, you will have the opportunity to stop your donation).

Your donation receipt will have a link to complete an honoree form.