Alright you FUN LEADERS!!!  We need some ideas here!  What are your best ideas for Family Fun Events?

  1. Plan a bowling event
  2. Rent your local pool venue
  3. Hire a comedian (from our friend Trina!)
  4. Plan a date night!  Cater, go to a restaurant, or bring dinner and hire babysitting for the kids!
  5. Game night!
  6. Watch Temple Grandin, complete with popcorn and kleenex!
  7. Picnics
  8. Rent a Waterslide
  9. Family Fun Night at the local Pizzeria and maybe getting 10% of the profits
  10. Have a clown visit and entertain the kids
  11. Have Tiger Safari come and entertain (cost)
  12. Take a field trip to a water park, zoo, movies
  13. Have an Inflatable  fun night
  14. Easter Egg Hunt