If you are looking for the elevator speech and the toolkit to do an AutismOklahoma.org presentation, you have come to the right place!

We have a number of tools to help you present AutismOklahoma.org to potential business sponsors.

Tool #1 – Our latest powerpoint slideshow with 10 slides.  Talking notes are provided in the notes view.

Tool #2 – Our Thinking Differently Video (can be found on our YouTube channel atwww.youtube.com/autismoklahoma)

Tool #3 – Autism Handouts.  These 3 handouts were developed for the Edmond High School Presentation but can be modified for any use.  Please email Melinda if you would like the MS-word versions.

Tool #4 – Our Brochure features our programs and projects.  Brochures are available, just ask Crystal.

If you are developing your own fundraising idea, the following article will be helpful!

The best fundraising ideas are those around the interests of dependable people in your group!  We can help with advertising your event or with online ticket sales.  We have a form that will help us gather the information we need.  Just. E-mail Crystal or Melinda if you need the form.  Here are some great ideas…

  1. If you love to cook, have a cooking fundraiser–like a pie supper, dessert walk, chili-cook off. Charge an entry fee and let people pay to vote on the winner!
  2. Host your own cupcake war.  Who can make the best cupcake?
  3. Do a craft event for the holiday at a meeting.  Collect donations for supplies from local stores.  Charge a fee to participate and everyone walks away with a perfect gift.
  4. If you like trivia, have a trivia night.
  5. If you like to exercise, make an exercise group and issue a challenge.  Charge $10 if you miss a workout.  OR make it positive and LEAD the group to weight loss.  Donate by the pound lost.
  6. Book a restaurant night.  Many local restaurants will donate 10% if you advertise the event.  Contact a local restaurant and ask if they host fundraisers.  Mention AutismOklahoma/your PieceWalk team and the resturant will give a percentage back to AutismOklahoma
  7. Involve groups you already meet with… For example, get your business to do a jeans day, charge $2 to wear jeans and donate the money.  Ask your boy scout troop leader to do a hike with sponsors from local businesses and friends.  Ask your rotary club to consider Autism Oklahoma as their charity beneficiary.
  8. Host a garage sale
  9. Make greeting cards or a calendar with facts about autism
  10. Have a party with Scentsy or another product that will donate
  11. Have a casino night with your friends.  Everyone spends $20 and all winnings go to the PieceWalk team.  BEST OF LUCK!
  12. Ask your favorite musician to host a concert.
  13. Set up a tournament with a specific board game, cards, or sport–like bowling, tennis, or darts!
  14. Plan a local carwash
  15. Do an e-mail or facebook campaign asking for donations in honor of your loved one or group!
  16. Involve the kids, they get this stuff!!!  Some of the kids have done lemonade stands, bracelets for friends or a puzzle piece drive at school
  17. Baby photo contest
  18. Selling group t-shirts or t-shirt contest
  19. Coin Collection
  20. Bar b q grill cook off
  21. Fundraiser Dinner –charge by the plate
  22. Fashion show-show your class and style and the latest fashion trends. Charge an admission and possibly even hold an event sale or auction.
  23. Create a play possibly with the kids and charge an admission
  24. Have a pancake breakfast with a Santa or Easter Bunny or Turkey or Dash
  25. Bingo Night

9 Steps to Hosting a Successful Event

1.      ESTABLISH GOALS – The objective you set for your group should include a financial figure, awareness aims, and recruiting.

2.      PICK THE IDEAL FUNDRAISER – There are many ideas that you can choose from.  See above!!!.

3.      ASK FRIENDS AND FAMILY TO HELP – Ask your family and friends to help with the planning of the event. It is important to maintain close and constant contact with your group members and to motivate and encourage them. Most of these fundraisers need just a few people to help.

4.       IDENTIFY YOUR PARTICIPANTS  Consider how you can tap into new and creative demographic groups, as well as family, friends, co-workers and other supporters who you can target to participate.

5.       FINDING A LOCATION Most of the above listed items can be hosted in your home, at your schools, at your churches, etc. with little to no cost to you. Also all restaurant nights are just a phone call away and getting on their rotation.

6.       SCHEDULE AND PROMOTE YOUR EVENT Consider holidays, local events, and timing. Promotions agreement with AutismOklahoma is required when promoting an AutismOklahoma event; this ensures that you and AutismOklahoma are in agreement about the event before the planning starts. We have a form to help us to help you with advertising.

7.      KEEP RECORDS OF ALL DONATIONS You will want to thank people later so make sure to keep a record of those participants that donated funds, space,  goods, volunteers, etc.

8.      COLLECT THE FUNDS We ask that all funds be forwarded to AutismOklahoma no more than 10 days after the event. Checks should be made payable to AutismOklahoma. Also some events AutismOklahoma can provide a credit card reader along with a representative to facilitate the credit card reader, for such events please make sure you mark that request on your event form.

9.      THANK YOU! Be sure to thank those who were involved in your event from your listing that you created.