Art Opportunities

Our artists use art as a way to communicate and tell amazing stories.

Bee’s Knees

If you’re into cats, rainbows, Pokémon, hearts, Johnny Depp, computers, used up gift cards, hard drives, art, entrepreneurship, thinking differently, or redefining normal, then you’ve come to the right place.

Bee’s Knees is all about promoting sustainability through the creative pairing of natural talents, interests, and support networks with potential business opportunities. It functions like a small business. Each artist creates original products and masterpieces and sell them online, at various venues and exhibits, or as commissioned projects.

The group works collectively for the benefit of everyone. All proceeds from products and original creations benefit by helping us purchase supplies, further pursue forms of entrepreneurship, and fund some totally rad adventures.



It’s not just a word – it’s an attitude.

It’s the creative swagger that comes when artists turn a blank canvas into something spectacular. Swanky is a two-week program that joins together professional artists with young adults to create a gallery of original works using a variety of mediums to create individual and collaborative works with acrylic, alcohol ink on glass, fabric dyeing and more. Little Swanky is a one-week program for our youngest artists, just 4 to 7 years old, held at Good Shepherd School, and led by two artists who are on the autism spectrum.

The Big Swanky Art Show reveals the talents and works of all the artists and is attended annually by more than 400 guests. Held at Rainbow Fleet, the show is part of the First Friday Gallery Walk on The Paseo each August, where pieces are displayed and originals, prints and gallery guides are sold to the public. The artists are on hand to discuss their pieces and sign their works for buyers.