Big Swanky is an outreach program that partners with Oklahoma Arts Council and the art community to engage autistic teens and young adults through various art creations. The Summer program provides autistic individuals a chance to meet other individuals who are also artistically inclined so that they may create friendships as well as beautiful art.  Classes are provided throughout the summer months of June and July.

Big Swanky features a new professional artist every day in the camp to mentor the participants to create one or multiple pieces using different methods, mediums and materials.

After the camp, Big Swanky saves some of the artwork to be displayed throughout the year through a variety of venues.  Some of the art will be made into prints and notecards that will be sold throughout the year and at our annual PieceWalk event.  Be watching for ongoing viewing opportunities of our student’s art!

Big Swanky gives members in the community a personal view of the autistic world through the art pieces.

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