The Avengers of Autism (AOA) and Heroes are joining forces to create a new online group! This group is for individuals from 17 to adulthood looking to connect with others, make friends and hang out on a Zoom call. There will be 20 participants that will meet every other week starting on July 14th. The group is led by Emily Sullivan (SLP) Moore Autism Center and Anna Kumpf (SLP) Moore Autism Center.

Fill out the form below to enroll and join the group!

Autism, Resources, Parents, Oklahoma

Girls with Voices aims to support leadership, to support excellence, and to encourage all girls to find and share their voice.


To encourage life long friendships, empowerment, and leadership.

Autism, Resources, Parents, Oklahoma


I will have self respect, self discipline, self confidence, and respect for others. I will find and share my voice.

Girls with Voices is a model program and is an example of how moms came together to develop a program for their girls.  Girls with Voices groups can be recreated by any mom and daughter teams throughout the state.  We are here to help you create your own group! We have lots of experience and program information to share.

Parents should feel free to participate in our “open invitation” Girls With Voices events. These events are held twice a year and allow parents and their daughters to learn more about our group and have a great time connecting!

Check back for event information.


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