Jack can’t always tell what you like. He can’t always tell what your interests are. For him the simple process of not picking up on someone’s hobbies or interests has cost him friendships. Possible life long friendships just fade away into the background. Although he wants to be friends he has just adapted to not participating. Conversations go on without him. The Swanky Art Camp makes all the difference. For Jack, art levels the playing field and makes knowing others’ interests much less complicated. He knew everyone in the camp enjoyed art because they created art together. He would tell the other artists about the pieces he was creating and they would tell him about theirs. The artists became his friends. He knew what they liked and the things that interested them. At the art show he told his friends and family about each piece of art and the artist behind it. Each year the artists also work on collaborative pieces. Each artist contributing their vision and connecting it to the vision of the other artists. Jack loves this. He looks forward to The Swanky Art Camp and Show every year and all the artists look forward to seeing him!