Conner Gibson

Connor works at the Sprouts in my neighborhood. I went in one day wearing an t-shirt. He walked up to me and ask me if I knew it was Autism Awareness Day, I said I did. He said “ I have autism” proud and very matter of fact. He then just walked away. He didn’t talk to me again for months. He came to the Swanky art camp a little while after and couldn’t place who I was, but he knew he knew me from somewhere. I told him I shop at the Sprouts where he works. He then showed me one of the paintings he was working on. It was his commentary on corporate giants gobbling up other companies. It was brilliant. It showed Cookie Monster taking bites out of other corporate logos that he had colored to resemble cookies. He clearly didn’t like monopolies. I came to the art show weeks later where his paintings were being exhibited. I saw Connor holding an amazing puppet he had built. He gave me a hug. Now every time I go to Sprouts when Connor is working we always make it a point to say hi and chat about movies and art. We are friends now