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Our downtown OKC space has been repeatedly damaged over the week of protests. Studio 806 has been AutismOklahoma’s home for many years and a space of creativity and inclusion. Thankfully, no one was in the building so no one has been physically hurt. Windows can be repaired, and hopefully hearts can be, too. Thank you to so many of you who have reached out to check on us.

We are grateful for the incredible outpouring of concern during the protests over the weekend that damaged our downtown OKC studio across from the police station. Stuff is stuff and can be replaced or repaired, but we are all about people – their hearts, their minds, their talents, and their opportunities. Like many nonprofits, we have taken a major financial hit during COVID-19 and are in the midst of moving to a smaller location that is much less expensive so we can preserve donations to directly serve more people and families.

If you’d like to find a way to support us, please think of joining our unifying voice through the Thousands of Oklahoma children, adults and families affected by autism, from every race, religion, economic background, gender orientation and age come together as one, and you can be a voice for the 1 in 54 children and 1 in 45 adults who are part of ours, and every community. Form a team, join a team, make a donation, like our page, or volunteer and join our collective voice of unity. One of our core values is #ThinkDifferently. It is wonderful that we are all different, and strongly believes that should be celebrated.


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