Project Piece of Mind is dedicated to providing resources and assistance to individuals, or families of individuals, with autism spectrum disorder or other neurodevelopment disorders that may lead to wandering, to ensure their safety at home, school and within their community. A grant process has been established to assist families and communities. Grant allocations will be made directly to the organization providing the service (safety trainings, GPS tracking companies, etc…) or as a supply (door alarms, window locks, etc…). Grant applications will be accepted throughout the year and be allocated as funds allow.


GPS trackers
Home safety equipment
Safety trainings for law enforcement or communities/schools

Grant Applicants:

Must be an individual, or family of an individual with legal custody or guardianship, with autism spectrum disorder or other neurodevelopmental disorder that places them at risk for wandering.
Must be a resident of the state of Oklahoma
Must submit a complete application along with additional required information.

Grant approvals are based on several criteria including: financial need, severity of safety concerns, and available resources in the community. Applications will be reviewed without regard to race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. No Piece of Mind committee member or AO employee or board member may apply for grant funding.

Grant Review and Disbursement:

Project Piece of Mind’s ability to raise funds determines our grant allocations for the year. Once Project Piece of Mind determines how much can be allocated each year, the committee carefully reviews applications to determine amounts awarded. Due to the anticipated high volume of grant applicants, it may not be possible to fund all requests.

The application is online and available through the link at the bottom of this page.  If you want to print the application and mail it, you may use the following address.

Incomplete applications will not be reviewed or returned.

Please submit the following additional information to:

Attention: Project Piece of Mind
13919-B N. May Avenue #106
Oklahoma City, OK 73134