With all the “stay at home” time associated with the COVID-19 virus, we have an idea to make your child smile! We are working with our Life.Church volunteer team to write personalized letters to your family member with autism! To participate, we will need a little information about you and your family member–their address, likes, and interests.

Once you send us the information, we will pass it to a volunteer who will write a letter to your loved one with autism. Our goal is for each person to receive 4-6 letters in April and in May, but remember, this is a volunteer project everything might not work perfectly, but DO please let us know and we will try to help.

Feel free to sign up siblings!  Just complete this form multiple times for family members that would benefit from this program.

Please note: We will provide your mailing address to our volunteer signing up as your or your child’s penpal.

We are hoping a little mail will be a fun distraction during this stressful time.  This program will be open to the first 100 families who register.

Sign Up Here