Interested in writing and storytelling?

Learn to write short stories and build confidence in your storytelling ability. Invisible Ink is a weekly virtual class designed to help you generate stories and to get them out into the world. Each week you will get hands on instruction into the craft of how to write a short story. This class will include access to online resources that will help you learn how to outline, fast draft and polish your story for publication. All stories will be included in an end of semester Ebook that will be made available to the public.

  • This program will be limited to 10 participants and will be offered through Zoom
  • Any one who applies to the program must participate in a friendly interview and meet a minimum skill and experience requirement so that the class can be successful
  • There is no fee for this program, but participants must apply via the link below and be available during the interview and class time
  • This class will last until mid-February or approximately 8 weeks
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