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Screening in support of Autism Awareness and Acceptance Month, with community partner Autism Oklahoma! Tickets on sale now for a screening Sat 4/20, 3:00p with introduction by Meredith Bland of AutismOklahoma. Standard daily screenings begin Fri 4/19, with showtimes coming soon. Materials and resources about AutismOklahoma will be available at Circle for the duration of the film’s run. There will also be 2 short promo videos about AutismOklahoma before the movie.

About the film: Nineteen-year-old Zach Bates told his mother at high school graduation that he was going to run a 100-mile ultra marathon before his 20th birthday. Surprised, she reminded him that his longest cross-country race had been 5k. Undeterred, he continued to speak his mind and envision running this 100-mile race before he turned 20. Seeing her son’s determination and knowing his unique ability to deeply focus – due to autism – she chose to let him run. They started with a half marathon, then a full, then a 50-mile race… Follow the journey as Zach trains and prepares to run his first 100-mile ultra marathon to chase down his dream.

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