This group is open to all parents or support persons with potential or current college students with ASD. Parents will make connections and learn tricks from others to set up their students with ASD for success should they attend college!

Target Audience:  Parents or support person who are considering or supporting a college student with ASD.

Number of Participants: up to 20 participants

Starting Date: August 13th, 2020

Schedule:  Monthly, Second Thursday of Month at 7:00 pm  for a limited number of sessions

Group leaders:  Sarah Baker (SLP), Melinda Lauffenburger (ED).

Next Steps:

  1. Fill out the form below to enroll. 
  2. After you enroll, the group leaders will send you an email with the internet call link and any other instructions. Please note that this group  will be limited to 20 people
  3. The group leaders will send you guidelines for rules of engagement.  
  4. Participants will need to have access to a computer with a front facing webcam or an appropriate cell phone.  You can take the call on a phone or tablet but device stability is recommended for all participants.



Contact information

Questions, email Melinda at