Do you love dramatic productions?

Have you heard of the book the “curious incident of the dog in the night-time” by Mark Haddon?

This dramatic production is coming to Oklahoma City, via City Rep (Oklahoma City Repertory Theatre) to the Civic Center’s Freede Little Theater from April 4 – 7, 2019.

You are invited to a special FREE showing, when you follow the registration steps below!

Story Line:  Christopher, fifteen years old, stands beside Mrs Shears’s dead dog. It has been speared with a garden fork, it is seven minutes after midnight, and Christopher is under suspicion. He records each fact in the book he is writing to solve the mystery of who murdered Wellington. He has an extraordinary brain and is exceptional at maths, but he is ill-equipped to interpret everyday life. He has never ventured alone beyond the end of his road, he detests being touched and he distrusts strangers. But Christopher’s detective work, forbidden by his father, takes him on a journey that turns his world upside-down.

In honor of World Autism Awareness Day, Autism Oklahoma has been given all the house seats for a very special “dress rehearsal” event on April 2nd!  All the tickets in the house that evening have been given to our organization and our friends and supporters!  Curtain goes up at 7:30 pm

Note:  This play is an adult themed play, and the content of language and story line would be considered a PG13 to an R rating.

We would really love it if we could FILL THE HOUSE, as a way to show the crew we are pleased they would support Autism Awareness and Acceptance and to let us give them audience feedback on their very first dress rehearsal performance.

The event is FREE but you MUST REGISTER so that we can keep track of our numbers of attendees. Your ticket for entry will be a copy of your confirmation email that indicates the number of attendees in your group.  Seats will be first come first serve that evening, no assigned seats. Feel free to request blocks of up to 6 seats, but only if you agree to FILL THEM UP!  Consider gathering up a group of co-workers to come with you.  They could also request a block as well.

Please join us and reserve your spot NOW by registering below: