Film Programs

22We do things a little differently at AutismOklahoma. We choose to. We are surrounded by beautifully brilliant and different minds every day. We don’t subscribe to “if we build it they will come”. Quite the opposite. When common threads of interest are identified by our families, we create their programs. Like when filmmaking became a hot topic.

 It would be cool to make a movie? Can we do that? Yes, you can.  And we did.   autism film award winning even in death

The result is Even in Death, an animated short that took a year to create, visually stunning, nearly wordless and with a hauntingly charming score. A story of love, life and loss with a twist. But we created more than just a beautiful film. Resumes were boosted. Students with autism earned college credit for their work on the film. Confidence soared. And our little animated film, well its success is demonstrated with accolades, including, Best Oklahoma Short at the deadCENTER Film Festival, Best Animated Film at the EyeCatcher Film Festival, Best Autistic Filmmkaer at AutFest International Film Festival and Best Animated Short at Bare Bones International Film & Music Festival.

autism invisible layers film making

Invisible Layers has another area of expertise, producing corporate videos for customers such as Love’s, Junior Achievement, Baker Speech, Youth and Family Services, Sensational Kids, the Energy FC Soccer Club, Oklahomans for Food, Farm and Family, and more. Their work has been seen on televisions across the state.

The group of 15 young adults with autism meet with the program’s director and community mentors each week learning about storyboards, scriptwriting, lighting, sets, aftereffects, animation, software, careers in the visual arts industry and more. They travel to location sets and have their own YouTube Channel under the channel Invisible Players. Check them out at and