The Home Connection

Staying connected with other families can be a very important part of journeying with autism.  Besides our parent

Home Connection

Home Connection

support groups, Autism Oklahoma provides ways you can connect while in the comfort of your own home.  Here’s how…. 


Sign up for our Autism Oklahoma e-newsletters.   You can chose to receive all the news from a parent support group, or statewide news, or news about the Piecewalk or  You choose what you want to receive.  Our e-newsletters go out once a month so you don’t have to worry about flooding your inbox.

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Check out our facebook page and post a message. Social media provides is a great way to interact to raise awareness, educate our community, share information with other parents, and just have fun.  Autism Oklahoma provides several ways to interact with Facebook. 

Public Pages – Community and statewide pages for families, friends, caregivers, professionals, and anyone who knows and loves someone with autism!   Great way to connect with others and build autism awareness!


Bee’s Knees

Group Pages – These are closed groups administered by the leader of each community support group and provide a way for parents to share and learn from each other.  Your community group decides who to include in each group.

Event Pages – These pages are great ways to talk about specific events provided by




Read a story from our Chronicles of Courage, One Parent to Another, or Spectrum Perspective. You will likely relate to the author and have an opportunity to learn about other families!

SPECTRUM PERSPECTIVE – Unique perspective of someone on the spectrum. Sometime funny, sometimes sad, but always unique!

ONE PARENT TO ANOTHER – True stories by parents about what has helped on their journey with autism.

CHRONICLES OF COURAGE – Celebrations of the heroic acts of friends and family. These articles provide insight on how autism positively affects individuals and families and will both enlighten and educate readers.


Check out our BLOG page for information about GFCF diets from Amy Archibald, the “most awesome blog” – written by David Blose and wonderful parent blogs written by Lorrie Servanti and Kodey Toney.

If you would like to submit an article or blog, please email Melinda Lauffenburger.