Swanky, The Movie!



It is our hope that this film will cause others to "Think Differently" about those with autism, and that those with autism will have more opportunities to shine in their communities. We also hope that, while this camp and film focused on the unifying joy of art, additional teams will promote similar programs around other activities and interests!


A quick Preview to Swanky, the Movie



The Swanky movie started off as film clips about a summer camp that was held during the summer of 2012.  The Swanky Art Camp was targeted for young adults, many diagnosed with autism, and included some of their siblings.  The one-week camp was designed to allow the young adults to work with a group of professional artists to produce quality art pieces that would be shown at an art show.
After filming the Swanky Art Show and Camp, our director, Zac Davis, along with the Autism Oklahoma creative team, began to see an amazing story emerge.  The film footage allowed us to see the honesty, purity, struggles and brilliance of some of the young adults who have autism.   We also saw a transformation in how general population viewed these amazing young adults with autism and we knew we had a story that needed to be told.
Swanky: the most awesome art show movie ever made by everybody, challenges all of us to "Think Differently" and to appreciate the differences in all of us. And so, we expanded our original plan and made a movie!   The movie premiered at the Will Rogers Theater on November 27th, 2012 and is now
available on DVD.