Groups & Programs started in 2002 with one Parent Support Group in Edmond. Today, we have Parent Support Groups throughout the state, host the annual PieceWalk & 5K for over 8,000 people, and offer Summer Experiences, Pre-Employment Programs, and monthly Social Groups.

Pre-Employment Programs
Bee's Knees Artists

Bee’s Knees Artists

In the past few years, has begun offering programs for Young Adults that promote individual growth, social skills, and self sufficiency.

One of our most popular experiences is Bee’s Knees. This amazing program is developed in partnership with Youth & Family Services in El Reno. Bee’s Knees utilizes art to help build entrepreneurial skills and self sufficiency.  The Bee’s Knees art is featured at the state capital and is commissioned in several office spaces.

Another one of our newest programs is the film club, called Invisible Layers Productions.  Invisible Layers Productions is a wholly owned subsidiary of AutismOklahoma.  Invisible Layers received it’s name from one of our friends who commented about food. “I don’t like food that is mixed–like soup. It has ‘invisible layers’.”

Invisible Layers is designed to provide mentoring and experience for young adults who want to pursue a career or livelihood in video production and/or film.  Invisible Layers provides video production services for nonprofits.  For more information, contact

Summer Experiences

Summertime is a great time to try something new!  We serve over 80 individuals each summer.



Our camps have included “Little Swanky“, a partnership with Mercy Good Shepherd for children from 3-9,  Camp Noggin for children 8-12 years old,  the ComicCamp for teens from 12 -17,  Swanky for young adults interested in art, AKON – the 2013 summer trip for young adults interested in anime, and Heroes, a social group for young adults.

Every year, we add more summer experiences for everyone to enjoy, but there is always more demand than we can serve.  If you are interested in your child participating in a camp, get involved.  Participate in our parent support groups to get to know the families in your area, find common interests and volunteer to lead or join our summer camp team so we can offer more great summer experiences!

Social Clubs

Some of our parent support groups offer groups for teens and young adults.   Edmond has a two social groups. Teen 2 Teen is for teens with autism and their peers.  Heroes is for young adults with autism. Social clubs are great ways to get involved in a safe place.  Please refer to the program pages for more information and rules for joining.

Family Support began as a parent support group.

Parent Support Group

Parent Support Group

Today, has 9 parent support groups around our state including groups in Edmond, Canadian Valley, Guthrie, LatinoStillwater, NormanOklahoma City, Shawnee, Blanchard and Muskogee.  We also have a Writer’s Club.

All of these groups provide child care for kids with autism so that parents can connect and meet.  Also each group has a closed group facebook page so you can communicate with the people you meet at a parent support group meeting.  Ask your local leader to add you to the group page so you can network with friends.  For information on each group, see the individual pages.

Writer’s Club

This is a new special kind of support group for aspiring writers.  The writer’s club is just getting started!  If you are someone who likes to share about how you were inspired to Think Differently, please contact Trina or Debra.

Community Support & Autism Awareness

The PieceWalk and 5K is the largest community awareness experience in our state!  Attended by more than 7,000 people, this is a day of sharing and coming together for families throughout Oklahoma.  The PieceWalk is held on the first Saturday in May at the Bricktown Ballpark.  This premier event allows all of us to honor and gather around our family members and friends who have autism.

PieceWalk Family

PieceWalk Family

The PieceWalk committee and also advertise a variety of other awareness events year round.  Many of these events are sponsored by the teams participating in the PieceWalk and include restaurant nights, bake sales, car washes, garage sales and a variety of other great events that raise money and awareness for autism.  These events will be posted on our Events Page!

Dash, our red puzzle piece mascot, regularly attends community and 5K events.  Check out our events page or follow Dash at #myfrienddash.

Dash finishing the 5k!

Dash finishing the 5k! provides an opportunity for athletes to train and run marathons in Oklahoma City and other locations while promoting autism awareness.  To find out more information about this program, click here.

Drive For Autism is our annual golf tournament held on the Friday before Labor Day.  For more information about the tournament, click here.