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Summer camps
Family fun and
social groups!

Summer camps and family experiences Have something for everyone! Sign up for the AO e-newsletter or watch our Facebook page or Facebook groups to get all the latest news.
little girl swimming with goggles

Learn to SWIM
this summer!

Are you looking for something fun for your family member with autism?  How about swimming lessons or art activities?  We are taking registrations for both […]

Team Captains
Score with
$500 raised!

We are excited to introduce a new program with Rustic Cuff that all Team Captains can win! Thanks to our generous PieceWalk sponsor, Rustic Cuff, […]

Now Is The Best

The PieceWalk is our moment. It is truly awe-inspiring and astonishing when you know that thousands have joined together to walk, run, volunteer, laugh and […]

Join Us!
For Autism

AutismOklahoma has lots of great activities and ways to show your support of someone with autism.  Check out some of these great events and make […]

Dr. Williams
Presents Help
for Transitions

Dr. Williams is a transition consultant and is on the autism spectrum. His story and experience helps young adults transition post high school.

State Capitol
Autism Event,
April 10th!

Autism Awareness Day at the State Capitol on Wednesday, April 10, 2019. Buy your I Love Someone With Autism shirt before March 24th!

Meet Sara
and her pup,

Volunteering with AutismOklahoma is life-changing! Meet Sara Knapp! She is making a difference!

Back With

We have so much to be grateful for as we look back on 2018. Here are a few moments we treasure.
AutismOKC celebrates with Santa at Micrsoft at Penn Square.

& Social Clubs

Support groups and social clubs across our state have been hard at work planning fun meetings for your holiday season.

November 27

Supporting AutismOklahoma on #GIVINGTUESDAY helps us provide 13 parent support groups, childcare, and social groups all FREE of charge.

Back to School
Means Time for
Parent Groups!  

Find your parent support group and you will find your friends and your support network.

Volunteer &
be part of our
AO family!

Hey Volunteers! There are always plenty of opportunities for you to Get on Board!

AO Offers
iCan Swim

Sign Up Today! iCan Swim Program at Oak Tree Golf & Country Club on June 25 – June 29    We need volunteers for our […]
Autism, Resources, Parents, Oklahoma

Join us for
Drive fore Autism
September 10th  

Have a great time playing golf for a great cause! We have fun games, lunch, awesome swag bags for each player and fantastic door prizes! […]

AO Hosts
iCan Swim

iCan Swim Program at Oak Tree Golf & Country Club on June 25 – June 29    We need volunteers for our ICan Swim program! […]

Even In Death
NOW on

Even in Death NOW Released  To celebrate April Autism Awareness month, we have released Even in Death, our award-winning animated short film, to our friends and […]
Autism, Resources, Parents, Oklahoma

PieceWalk 5K
May 5th
See You There!

Countdown to the PieceWalk & 5K Can you believe that we are just days away from our 10th Annual PieceWalk & 5K? We are getting […]
Picture of girls attending green tea party

Green Tea
Party Time!

Being creative is essential to helping your family member with autism, and we are all changed by providing a platform that encourages creativity and expression. […]
Contest Logo Sink Your Teeth Into Elite win $500 movie gift card

Take Your
PieceWalk Team
To the Movies!

TEAMWORK Makes a Difference! If you are on a PieceWalk team, give your team captain a hand! Let your team captain know you want to […]

Autism &
The Power
Of Interests!

Do you know someone with autism who is fixated on a specific interest?  Or knows everything there is to know on a specific topic?  Research […]
Dino-mite contest graphic sponsored by Sprouts, Dave & Busters & Microsoft Penn Square

PW Contest:
Your Community
Is Dino-Mite!

The PieceWalk & 5K is in full swing! With 90 days to go until the big event on May 5, 2018, NOW is the time […]
PieceWalk teams with the most 5K runners are eligible to win a bowling party

Calling All

Calling all Autism Leaders!  It’s time to create or reactivate your past PieceWalk team!  The PieceWalk is your event created for someone you love who […]
AutismShawnee Sensitive Santa Event

Groups Welcome
At Christmas!

AutismOklahoma is the perfect place for families affected by autism to get involved. For many, we provide unique opportunities for your family member with autism […]

The Girl And The  
Green Sword

Invisible Layers releases an easy way to support The Girl and The Green Sword on

Give $15 For
15 Great Years

AutismOklahoma is celebrating our 15th Birthday! Over the last 15 years, AutismOklahoma has impacted thousands of families impacted by autism in Oklahoma.  Join our celebration […]

Parent Leaders
Meet For
Training & Fun

AutismOklahoma Parent Support Groups off to a great year! All of the AutismOklahoma Parent Support groups are off to a great start for the 2017/18 […]
Autism, Resources, Parents, Oklahoma

Even In Death
On Halloween

We are very excited to release EVEN IN DEATH to the public!  Even In Death is an animated short film developed by a team of […]
Autism, Resources, Parents, Oklahoma

PieceWalk & 5K
Has Its
Best Year

Thousands Got In The Game and joined the 2017 PieceWalk & 5K. The celebration took to the streets of Bricktown and resulted in our best […]
Autism, Resources, Parents, Oklahoma

Get In the
Swing with
Drive Fore Autism

Friday, September 1, 2017 at KickingBird Golf Course Lunch  at 11:30 am followed by shotgun start at 1:00 pm Drive Fore Autism helps fund AutismOklahoma’s 80 […]
Autism, Resources, Parents, Oklahoma

Groups Help
AO Pay
It Forward

The overwhelming generosity of our big-hearted community allows AutismOklahoma to provide nonperishable food to our families impacted by autism. In this season of giving, it […]


If you know of an outstanding teen, please encourage them to apply today. Be a part of something incredible! Our board members will Serve as […]
Autism, Resources, Parents, Oklahoma

Move the
Pieces Forward

As the year comes to a close and you reflect on your blessings, please consider a gift to AutismOklahoma. As an Oklahoma nonprofit organization, AutismOklahoma […]
Autism, Resources, Parents, Oklahoma

Writer’s Group

A new partnership between our Writer’s Group and Metro Family Magazine has created a bi-monthly online feature, Thinking Differently: Family Life with Autism. This online […]
Autism, Resources, Parents, Oklahoma

Act of

Whenever our family goes grocery shopping, Matthieu loves to gather loose shopping carts in the parking lot and pile them into the cart corrals. Normally, […]
Autism, Resources, Parents, Oklahoma

Calling the
Mission of a

Even before any evaluation or diagnosis has ever been mentioned, your life has already changed. More often than not, you know it’s changing, you know it […]
Autism, Resources, Parents, Oklahoma


Normally, when we post articles here, they are by two different authors and unrelated. This time, I’m adding this submission as a sort of “forward” […]
Autism, Resources, Parents, Oklahoma

Tyler C.

Chapter 1 About Tyler I knew Tyler not just like a friend, but like a brother, the brother I never had. I knew him from […]
Autism, Resources, Parents, Oklahoma

An Ode to

When my son, Elijah, was first diagnosed with autism I was absolutely clueless as what it or any of the other disorders on the spectrum […]
Autism, Resources, Parents, Oklahoma

Our Branson

We just returned from Branson and my daughter was chosen to come up on the stage at one of the shows at Silver Dollar City. […]
Autism, Resources, Parents, Oklahoma

First Vacation
Since the

Every family needs a vacation to get away from the routine and just enjoy doing some things that you do not always get to do. […]
Autism, Resources, Parents, Oklahoma

I started
to do a

Do you remember how it was the first day at a new school and you sat at the wrong table and felt out of place? […]
Autism, Resources, Parents, Oklahoma

A Mickey

Tripp turned 2 years old on January 29th! He is completely obsessed with Mickey Mouse! However, because of his Speech Disorder he cannot “Mickey” or […]
Autism, Resources, Parents, Oklahoma

Taylor Inspires
an Art Show

Something really cool happened to me this year. I had drawn something random on a large white board and someone really took notice and started […]
Autism, Resources, Parents, Oklahoma

The Day
Our Lives

I remember it like it was yesterday. The day all of our lives changed. It was a beautiful sunny, spring day, April 28th, 2011.
Tripps Family Autism, Resources, Parents, Oklahoma

A Little
About Tripp

Our story has just begun with Tripp. God blessed us with him almost 2 years ago through the miracle of adoption and he is the answer to many prayers.
Autism, Resources, Parents, Oklahoma

Our Journey
with Autism

Caylee Hornbeck was born on November 20, 2009 and with the exception of contracting RSV at 5 weeks Caylee seemed like a normal healthy girl with no signs of anything being wrong.
Autism, Resources, Parents, Oklahoma

Get to Know
Mark McElhaney

In previous articles, I've written about the trials and pitfalls of being a stepparent to an autistic, gifted child. Like any situation in life, you cannot have the good without the bad.
Autism, Resources, Parents, Oklahoma

Love for
an Aspie

This world is full of love. Love for pets, love for nature, and love for each other. But, what others see as an easy acquisition, to an Aspie, like me, it won’t always come that easy.
Autism, Resources, Parents, Oklahoma


I used to be one of those people in the store or restaurant that would give you a dirty look and whisper under my breath "I would never let my child act like that"
Autism, Resources, Parents, Oklahoma


As our boys grew out of infancy and into the body of toddlers, we began to notice signs of genius.
Autism, Resources, Parents, Oklahoma


Many times, I have had numerous questions regarding our little man...
Autism, Resources, Parents, Oklahoma

Santa Fe
Selects AO
for DWDW

Everyone was ready to learn which charity had been selected for Double Wolf Dare Week (DWDW). And was announced. AUTISM OKLAHOMA!!
Autism, Resources, Parents, Oklahoma

Think Differently”
Brings Community

Every parent with a child with autism knows that we need change for families in Oklahoma.
Autism, Resources, Parents, Oklahoma

New Home

Our new address is 806 Dean McGee Avenue in downtown Oklahoma City.
Autism, Resources, Parents, Oklahoma


Elite Team Awards will be offered to PieceWalk teams who do the following activities before December 9th, 2014.
Autism, Resources, Parents, Oklahoma

in Church

"So it finally happened! I am that 'Mother' whose child is screaming during church..." -Regina Alexander
Autism, Resources, Parents, Oklahoma

A Time
of Rest

"These things that so many take for granted, we have come to treasure. We treasure our children; we know the gifts they truly are..." -Debra Brakefield
Autism, Resources, Parents, Oklahoma

Struggles and
Successes of

Danielle Williams details the struggles and successes of surgery.
Autism, Resources, Parents, Oklahoma

Response to a
Recent Article

Angelina Packard responds to an article that was popular on social media the past few weeks while describing her experiences with her son, Zachary.
Autism, Resources, Parents, Oklahoma

Diets and Fun

"No, sweetheart. It wasn't 'pretty good.' It was awesome, just like you." --Wendy Eagan
Autism, Resources, Parents, Oklahoma

with Birds!

"My daughter is a bird. I’ve accepted it. This is our new life." Amber offers a fun, light-hearted view of her daughter's new fascination with birds.
Autism, Resources, Parents, Oklahoma

A Little
Humor for
the Holidays

Regina shares a little humor for the holidays.
Autism, Resources, Parents, Oklahoma

Inspiring Insight
Stacie Teigen

"It's helping them to progress in every area of life to the best of their ability..."
Autism, Resources, Parents, Oklahoma

Finding Joy
in our Simple

Debra Brakefield's humorous trip to the bowling alley and her son's attention to every detail.
Autism, Resources, Parents, Oklahoma

Moving her
Family to a
New Life

Danielle Williams on "Moving her Family to a New Life," also some great pics from the Autism Conference.
Autism, Resources, Parents, Oklahoma

Surprises Happen
When Thinking

Matthew Conner sheds light on what it means when everyone in the family is "Thinking Differently."
Autism, Resources, Parents, Oklahoma

The Lens a
Parent Sees
Progress Through

Stacie Teigen, a member of the Writer's Club, shares her overwhelming joy for her son and celebrates the "lens" she is able to see his progress through.
Autism, Resources, Parents, Oklahoma

Learned in the
Waiting Room

"I vow right now, today, that I will never let that look of relief cross my face again, because now I know what it feels like on the other side." -Amber Theinert
Autism, Resources, Parents, Oklahoma

Holiday Style

Wendy Eagan explains the successes of thinking differently during the holiday season.
Autism, Resources, Parents, Oklahoma

The Zoo
Is New When
You See Things

"It's amazing how exciting little things are when you think differently" - Matthew Conner
Autism, Resources, Parents, Oklahoma


Danielle Williams relays her affection for her two stunning boys.
Autism, Resources, Parents, Oklahoma

Laura Hill
Dylan’s Success!

Laura Hill, mother of Dylan, talks about how Dylan went above and beyond when learning to ride a bike.
Autism, Resources, Parents, Oklahoma

Shares Her Heart
for Her Brother

Gabriella shares her earliest memory of her brother, and how resilient he grows everyday.
Autism, Resources, Parents, Oklahoma

Make Big Things
Happen In OK!

Come on out to the PieceWalk Volunteer Round-up on September 15th! You can make a difference and have fun with our amazing team!
Autism, Resources, Parents, Oklahoma

Talks About
His Film
Club Family

Cooper enjoys being part of the Invisible Layers Production team. "It's another family, for me!"
Autism, Resources, Parents, Oklahoma

Has Lasting

Summer programs are having a monumental effect!
Autism, Resources, Parents, Oklahoma

Young Adults
Plan Little

After attending the Swanky Art Camp, two participants plan a new art camp called Little Swanky, hosted by the Good Shepherd Catholic School for Autism.
Autism, Resources, Parents, Oklahoma


Thinking differently when it comes to the typical sleeping issues!
Autism, Resources, Parents, Oklahoma
Autism, Resources, Parents, Oklahoma

Allie Has
an Enormous
Heart for

This girl loves to help people!
Autism, Resources, Parents, Oklahoma

in Innovative

This 2nd grader is using an iPad to communicate in new ways.
Autism, Resources, Parents, Oklahoma

& Spelling

This 4th grader is changing things up at school!
Autism, Resources, Parents, Oklahoma

Meet Lisa!
She Gives to
the PieceWalk
Every Year!

Hair designer, mother, and Autism advocate.
Autism, Resources, Parents, Oklahoma

Ben is
a Cowboy
and a Funny

He loves to make people laugh, he is truly an astonishing young man.
Autism, Resources, Parents, Oklahoma

Planning for a
With a
Needs Trust

What would her future be like if we were no longer here to help her?
Autism, Resources, Parents, Oklahoma

Have you
Ever Met
A City Licker
From NYC?

"Our tour of the statue was one I won't soon forget."
Autism, Resources, Parents, Oklahoma

David Makes
Us Smile!

Meet David Blose! He's a local artist who works hard, stays strong, and drinks whole gallons of chocolate milk! David has 8 computers and has recently started a blog that is said to be very funny and popular! Check out his blog!
Autism, Resources, Parents, Oklahoma

The Big
Art Show
is in the news!

"Big Swanky Art Show" featuring unique pieces from autistic young adults