Invisible Layers Productions is a self-funded pilot that provides mentoring and pre-employment opportunities for young adults with autism who are pursuing careers in film making.

This revenue helps us provide staff, cameras and equipment, computers, and space to work.

If contemplating a film for your non-profit or small business, we are a great resource!

The types of films we provide are:  

  • Films for Websites (2-3 minutes long)
  • Series of films for social media campaigns (1-2 minutes long each)
  • Awareness or educational films (3-5 minutes)
  • Films for events (5-7 minutes)

Invisible Layers has done work for Love’s Travel Stops, a three- part Smart Start awareness video series for Youth and Family Services, films for Junior Achievement, Consumer Credit Counseling, Oklahomans for Food, Farm, and Family, Sensational Kids, Baker Speech, and more.


All our films are high quality. Pricing for each film will be finalized after the project is evaluated.

Our preferred customers are those who have some flexibility with scheduling. Our project load is limited and we will give preference to customers who can be flexible with our team.

If you would like us to evaluate your specific video project and provide a cost/time estimate, please contact us.

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