What does your donation provide?

What kind of impact will your donation have??10464183_859923970703510_2144682457073652124_n

$100 – Will help provide a simple summer experience for one teen or adult in an area of interest (Lego Camp or music camp)

$500 – Will fund an education program for a parent support group

$800 – Will fund one person and a mentor for an interest experience that will raise confidence and start friendships!

$1,000 – Will fund a family friendly event for a parent support group

$3.500 – Will fund a new DASH costume for autism awareness!

$5.000 – Funds our IPad program for families who have a child with autism

$7.000 – Will fund an interest experience for a group of teens or young adults, like COMICAMP or SWANKY!

$8.000 – Funds someone with autism to join in Invisible Layers Productions for one year

$15,000 – Funds art experience and art shows for groups of adults who have autism for 6 months

$50,000 + Funds our capital campaign for our new building