“Positive Think Differently” Brings Community Partners

November 20th, 2014
My family has “lived with autism” for the past 22 years.  Over the years, my husband and I have become skilled experts at asking people […]

My family has “lived with autism” for the past 22 years.  Over the years, my husband and I have become skilled experts at asking people in our community to help our daughter.  We have asked our extended family to be more flexible during the holidays, we have asked teachers for extra help, we have asked our friends to bring their children to birthday parties, we have asked swimming teachers, equestrians, and drivers ed teachers to “teach differently”, we have even emailed college instructors and asked for “extra grace” for our daughter.  We are definitely experts at requesting kindness and special help from others.

Every parent with a child with autism knows that we need change for families in Oklahoma.  We need insurance to cover autism treatments, our schools need more autism resources and training, individuals with autism need more opportunities, and families, in general, need tremendous support!  But when it comes to building a message for “changing our society”, I have always struggled.  Most social reform messages have negative undertones which seem to say “I know the answer and you all need to see it my way, you stupid #$@(!”  As parents, most of us do not have room in our lives for this kind of negative message, even if it helps “someone important” to understand how challenging it is to have a child with autism.

There are many responses when faced with an overwhelming challenge.  AutismOklahoma has chosen to respond by encouraging families to help each other and by asking our community to join us. 

 Wikipedia defines a social movement as a large, sometimes informal, grouping of individuals or organizations which focus on specific social issues.  Wouldn’t it be great if our community took up our cause and began to speak for us?  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could leave the bigger fight for someone else and we could focus our time advocating and educating in our smaller circles of influence?


After working over 12 years for families with autism, I can tell you that help is arriving and momentum is building!  It is time for all of us to take notice, come together in unity, and do something to join a movement of “Positively Thinking Differently”.

Here are 3 significant acts of kindness that are happening in our community that are game-changers for families with autism in Oklahoma.  I hope you will take notice and join the movement to make Oklahoma a better place for individuals with autism to prosper and reach their potential.

Edmond Santa Fe High School Selects AutismOklahoma.org for Double Wolf Dare Week

LifeChurch.tv Joins AutismOklahoma As A Community Partner 

A New Home for AutismOklahoma



One of our most significant ways to have a voice is to sign up for the PieceWalk.  The PieceWalk is THE largest autism event in the state of Oklahoma.  When teams register for the PieceWalk, a team page is created and the team can post a picture of someone with autism and our community can see WHO they are supporting.  They can visit the page of Tyler’s Troops or Micah’s Minions or Calee’s Cruisers and know they are helping someone real and that they are making a difference!  Last year, we had 200 teams that surrounded someone with autism.  This year, why can’t we have 500 teams?  Aren’t their 500 families who have a family member with autism that they want to highlight and make a hero for a day?  This is our part in  building the momentum and supporting those who are taking up our cause.