Edmond Santa Fe Selects AO for DWDW

November 19th, 2014
On Thursday, October 9th, 2014, the Student Council (STUCO) of Edmond Santa Fe High School made a very important announcement .  They asked the school […]

On Thursday, October 9th, 2014, the Student Council (STUCO) of Edmond Santa Fe High School made a very important announcement .  They asked the school administrators to help them organize a school-wide assembly in the gym.  They cranked up the music, set up the PA, made a cool video and opened up the gym to more than 1200 students and 300 teachers and staff.  They also invited us.  As the student president addressed his peers, you could feel vast amounts of energy and anticipation in the gym.   Everyone was ready to learn which charity had been selected for Double Wolf Dare Week (DWDW).  And then….it was announced.  AUTISM OKLAHOMA!!  And the whole gym erupted in  applause and shouting!  It was a moment to remember.  But more than the moment, there is a message.

DWDW 2014 Announcement Assembly

DWDW 2014 Announcement Assembly

On our first trip to Santa Fe High School, a month earlier, we learned something we didn’t know.  Most high school students in STUCO know someone with autism and they wanted to help.  Out of the dozens of amazing and worthwhile charities applying for the DWDW program, this student body unanimously selected Autism Oklahoma.  Why? because this generation of students understands and has witnessed the challenges faced by their peers, family, and friends who have autism.   They know someone.

Over the next 4 months–November, December, January, and February — this courageous school of more than 1200 students will change the lives of many.  They will ask their parents, businesses, community groups, relatives, friends, and neighbors to support our cause!  They will organize fundraisers, assemblies, dares, media events, and education opportunities and they will have an impact!  They will create a community movement of support, passion, hard work, and commitment that will energize our state and put our families and children in a positive spotlight!  And it won’t stop there.  Our cause will be written in their memories and some of these will become lifelong advocates for people affected by autism.  Our students with autism will have advocates and friends in their classes who are sensitive to their challenges and will not allow them to be bullied which is priceless! Last year, this school raised nearly $250,000 for their selected charity!  What can they do this year?  More importantly, what can we do to help their effort and build on the energy and momentum that they are creating?

Two things.  First, we can attend their events and cheer for them!  By attending, we let them know that they are making a difference and that we appreciate them!  We will be posting DWDW events on our website under the EVENTS tab.  Please check this often and SUPPORT the high school students who are fighting our fight and bringing autism awareness to our community and state!

Second, the DWDW effort culminates in the week of February 23-27th with a daily school assembly and a final donation announcement.  The students have 4 short months with significant holiday breaks to make their impact.  Even though our PieceWalk is the first Saturday in May, sign up now and we can show the students that there are thousands of people affected by autism in.  This is our part to play in participating in the momentum which will also support those who are taking up our cause.  By registering for the PieceWalk, others can see us in a tangible way and know they are making a difference.