Autism Showcase

For Autism Awareness Month, April 2018, AO will be hosting an Autism Showcase Event in partnership with Rainbow Fleet at the First Friday ArtWalk on April 6th from 6 to 9 pm.  The purpose of the event will be to “show off” the talents and treasures of individuals and families that are affected by Autism.

We will target 15 exhibits, to be comprised of

  • Exhibits from AO programs (such as Bee’s Knees, GWV, school choice, social groups, parent support groups, Teen Advisory Board, LOYAL group project, etc).  Proceeds from any sales at their specific table or display would go towards ongoing expenses of their AO group.
  • Exhibits from individuals with ASD (these exhibits can be things they have made, a special collection they have, or an exhibit table for their favorite thing to talk to others about).  If they want to “sell” anything, the proceeds of the sale would go towards their PieceWalk Team.  They must have a team set up on IF they plan to sell anything at their table.  It is not required that they “sell” anything.  We ask that the person attempt to attend the event if possible, and be willing to “showoff” their exhibit items.  We understand this may be overwhelming, so we are willing to work with the person and their support system on this requirement.
  • Exhibits from PieceWalk Teams with items they want to showcase or sell as fundraising for their PieceWalk Team.  If they are selling non-autism related items for their fundraiser effort, they will need to also have a “display” that somehow showcases Autism Awareness and Acceptance.  For example if they want to sell cookies, either the cookies need to demonstrate “autism” or they need something at their table that highlights their family member on the spectrum (picture, story, poster, etc.) or a story attached to their product that would promote positivity with Autism.

Exhibits will be selected from submitted applications and will be judged on appropriateness to the project based on the above criteria.  Limited slots are available!  So don’t miss out on your chance to showcase your autism support in April 2018!

To be considered for the event, please complete the following application.  Applications due February 15th, 2018.  Applicants will notified of their selection and will be contacted on exhibit and display needs for the event.  Any questions, email