Autism and Adoption

A Special Gift for Parent Who Have Adopted Children With Autism


Searching for…The You We Adore and author, Valerie Westfall, author of Searching for…The You We Adore, have partnered to bring families who have adopted a child with autism a very special gift.

Here is how I came to know Valerie (told by Melinda Lauffenburger)

I had an opportunity to read Valerie’s beautiful children’s book about adoption and instantly fell in love with the story, the author, and the illustrator. Valerie’s book captures the fact that every child is unique and special and that their parents become parents the moment they long for them. Valerie’s book is beautifully illustrated by NY Times bestselling artist, Richard Cowdrey. Both the author and the illustrator share the same heart about children and their parents. When I met Valerie, and we spent a few hours together talking about life, her book and As we both discussed our passions, we had an instant connection. I told her that many of our parents had adopted kids with autism and we shared stories about how we have seen children’s futures become so bright when joined with a loving family. By the time we departed, she wanted to give to our parents in a very special way and donated a box of her beautiful books.

You can read all about the book, the author, and the illustrator at

The book is targeted to age 4 – 8, but everyone will enjoy reading it!

If you are interested in receiving this book and have adopted a child with autism, please complete the form below. We have a limited number of books available.

Searching for...The You We Adore

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